Bella Hope Candle - Sicily

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Fizzy pink grapefruit and zesty mandarin first greet the nose. The heart blooms to life with fruity apple accords spiced with pink pepper and cardamom, supported by undertones of raspberry leaf, amber and sandalwood.

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Beautifully presented in their own velvet bag, the candles come with an elegant lid and are set in a luxurious gold lined glass enhancing the beauty of the real flame.

100% Cotton Braided Wick. Lead free and hand straightened.

Made with 100% Organic Soy Wax for a clean and consistent burn.

Created with pure ingredients and a fusion of fine fragrances.

Burn Time : 50-60 hours approx. | Weight : 260g / 9.2oz ℮

Please read our Candle Care and Safety Instructions before using the candle.


Welcome to Sicily where the seas sparkle, the mountains are restless, and the land is dripping in ancient history and legends galore. You may need a moment to take it all in. Take your time.

Your senses will first be greeted by the vibrant, fizzy pink grapefruit and zesty mandarin notes that so exquisitely complement one another. Seductive, like the glances exchanged between lovers walking along the Sicilian coastline, fingers intertwined.

Next, walk further inland as you inhale the heart of Sicily. The candle blooms to life with fruity apple accords spiced with pink pepper and cardamom. The zestful scent is then supported by undertones of raspberry leaf, as characteristic as the city of Palermo itself. It is lifted up by the scent of amber with its subtle euphoria. As you reach a sun-stricken courtyard, you will bathe in delight at the calmness and relaxed nature of all that surrounds you. Let the finishing notes of sandalwood bestow upon you a sense of awareness, yet undeniable calm.

There is peace in the life that is coming and going, passing you by. Inhale all the positive vibes you can because you are right in the center of it all.

Savour it and enjoy.


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