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  1. Bella Hope Diffuser - Capri


  2. Bella Hope Candle - Capri


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Capri, an island so enchanting that Roman emperors chose it as their retreat. An Italian paradise. Tranquil, yet invigorating. Sophisticated, yet quaint. The epitome of style and luxury, Capri is an island for lovers, lovers of life and of la dolce vita.

This candle will bring you to the very shores of this bijou island, rich in both beauty and romance. As you step on the quay, you can smell it, the crisp scent of the native lemon trees excites your senses thanks to the candle’s sparkling citrus top notes, sweetened with red rhubarb.

From here, follow the heart of jasmine, rose, muguet and sweet pea scents to the amorous evening under the stars. Prepare yourself for that intoxicatingly perfect balance of sweet and musky.

The night progresses and you can hear beach pebbles tumbling with the water’s rhythmic caress with each ebb and flow, touching the shore flirtatiously.

The subtle tones of frangipani, white musk, and softwoods refresh and rejuvenate the senses. While white musk is clean, sweet, and smooth, the aphrodisiacal notes of frangipani are reminiscent of a lavish and exotic escape with a delicate allure.

Lose yourself in this sweet and romantic escape, time and time again.


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